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Icons by Caitirin and Elaby

Decorating in 100 pixels

Caitirin and Elaby's Icons
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Utena and Anthy
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I make LJ icons, I post them here. Unless otherwise stated all icons are free to be used by anyone who'd like them. Credit can be back to this icon journal or back to caitirin.

elaby also posts her icons here from time to time. All icons that she makes should be credited to her ;).

A few exceptions are icons like the Sinfest icons, which should be credited back to their artists. This will be specified in the posts.

How To Credit?
Go to your icon management page - http://www.livejournal.com/editpics.bml and type these into the boxes beside the icon.

More Questions? View my FAQ Page.

Please just don't steal them and say you made them, that's not very nice, and don't hotlink them! I pay for my site and bandwidth costs money.

Icon Communities that I enjoy
utena_hush book_icons
iconfiend100 pokemon_icons
utena_icons 100x100_brushes

Many of the screen caps that I've used have been downloaded from animescreencaps, my thanks to those who share their screencaps there. Most of my Utena images come from Ohtori.nu. Some of the brushes that I use come from 100x100_brushes, and so my thanks to them.

Please Visit my Crediting Entry to see the credits for brushes that I've used.

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